About Us

Hello my name is Allan Mackay

I'm the nephew of former Jockey Allan Mackay, and cousin to current Jockey Nicky Mackay

And back in 2015, while nursing a broken elbow, I started working on a brand new Fantasy Horse Racing League

My aim was to make the most exciting and engaging Fantasy Horse Racing event there has ever been that is FREE to play 

So, on King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes day in 2015 Super Stable was unleashed.... All be it in a very basic form

Since then I've tinkered and tweaked the competition into what we have today

I made the Transfer Windows weekly rather than fortnightly in order to keep stables current and scoring

I brought in Stable Jockeys, which has added a whole new dimension to the competition

Introduced a news section keeping you updated with all things Fantasy Racing

Launched Private League's, where players can create their very own league and invite friends to take them on

Brought in the Weekly League, a quick fire league that crowns a new winner every week

Mini League's for the likes of Cheltenham, Ascot etc

And we're not finished yet....

As Super Stable turns 3 years old I'm looking to the future

I'm committed to making Super Stable the ultimate horse racing experience for users

And committed to making YOUR experience more enjoyable than the day before

Super Stable is a completion for fans, by fans

And all I ask in return is you tell your friends to check us out

So strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride

We're just getting started

We Are Fantasy Racing